New Totem-compatible components (part 2)

This time, let us introduce brackets for servos and DC/stepper motors.

Micro Metal Gearmotors

You may find this one familiar, but we made it a bit different (and more usable ;-)): holes grid is 25mm and M3 screws may be used (on contrary to M2.5 and any-other-but-useful hole grid from other sources). You might enjoy stronger „ears“ too…

Also, we will offer soon sort of „mirrored“ version too, where the mounts will be at the other side, by the motor contacts.

Geared motor GM25

Typical Stepper motors and RC servo

The Micro Metal Gearmotor bracket is 3D printed, all other parts are laser-cut of 3mm ABS. They are compatible with Totem not only because of the material, but of course also thanks to their size and holes grid.

Secondarily, these parts can be used for other construction kits too, be it Meccano, Vex, m-Bitbeam, Makeblock or else – if you can use it for the one you like, please let us know and send us pictures!

Stay tuned, more to come …

In Czechia, Totem can be bought via Hobbyrobot e-shop.